High-performance test and measurement instruments

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ICANRF specializes in connectors that are used in basic and high performance test and measurement instruments. This includes component testing, computing and networking, design validation instruments, and spectrum analyzers. These instruments require precision RF components manufactured to be highly reliable in applications that require repeatable performance.

Network analyzers create a large portion of the instrumentation market segment. They are used to determine RF characteristics in various electrical systems, and are very widely used in RF as well as microwave applications for the measurement of circuits scattering parameters. While network analyzers are used mostly at high frequencies, special types of network analyzers can also cover lower frequency ranges down to 1 Hz.


Network Analyzers

Measure amplitude and phase properties.

Spectrum Analyzers

Measure the frequency response, noise and distortion characteristics of all kinds of RF circuitry

Handheld/Portable Cable & Antenna Testers

Hand-held field devices suited for installation and maintenance of wireless service, military communications, and radio links.

Seismic Monitors

Measure the earth’s vibrations. This requires transmitting accurate, real time data through appropriate networks such as GPRS, UMTS, and LTE.

Automated Test Equipment

Use automation to perform and evaluate electronics devices and systems

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